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Crap I Write at Night

A certain camper has insinuated that I’m a slacker blogger. He’s so right. I don’t like blogging very much and prefer to spend time at other people’s blogs.  In the interest of seeing what I can get away with, the following are my night journal notes:


Let’s see what I can do since I can hardly see what the fuck I’m doing. It’s easy if you aren’t paying attention.

I pen this by the light of the moon. Literally. Wooh wooh.



The encasing of infinity

Cells fall

Replaced with impermanence 

Physical manifestation of infinity

Change itself



Frisson of knowing

The chilling blow

Hurricane comes

But what of the knowing?


Winds Blow

Me to you

Air at my back

Without my volition

Yet with my every intention


The Din

How can I hear the roar

Earth in speed

Void of sound

Echoing atmosphere

Weighted waves

Above this noisy world?


The triple-headed goddess has four nipples?


Don’t ask!



Comments on: "Crap I Write at Night" (66)

  1. I am definitely not asking!

  2. Do any animals have four nipples? Whenever you see baby dogs, cats, mice, and everything else, they seem like they have more than four (although I never checked; maybe they share). Now I’ll be up all night wondering.

  3. Wow you wrote all this in one night, how talented. Love it!

  4. Pigs have, like, a gajillion. Don’t ask me how I know, Just trust the mom. Cats and dogs usually six apiece I believe, which is why there’s always a runt…
    WAIT! HERE, KITTY! I have to count your nipples!!

    Anyway, George, the stream of consciousness poetry is nice, if perturbing. Seemed a bit of a jumble, but that’s how you get BACK INTO the flow. Keep at it. You comment all the time at my blog and I like to reciprocate, so I’m glad you are posting, my friend! Amy

    • 🙂 lol Never knew that about pigs.

      Yeah, definitely perturbing. But I never do anything with it, so I decided to put it out there. It’s just some of the stuff that fills my journals. I prefer pen and paper to a computer. Thanks for coming by, Amy, I really appreciate it!

      • Hey, I’m with you on the pen and paper, except mine’s pencil, which is where I got my blog name. I’m so glad to be able to comment on your work, because there was a long strrrrrretch of nothing doin’! You rock, Amy

      • Thanks Amy. I know you rock too!! 🙂
        That long stretch had a bit of depression in it (okay a lot), so I’m glad to be back. Spending time, even though it’s on-line, with other writers just feels good. New ideas, new everything. I love it!

  5. Good ol’ stream of consciousness…love it 🙂

  6. Wow, well done, George, and I won’t even ask…:)

  7. I enjoyed reading your poetry particularly The Din

  8. your night crap is good 😉 can’t wait to read more!

  9. Anything more than three nipples is overkill.

  10. four nipples is a lot ! LOL

  11. My stories of crushed ducks and erections pale by comparison. Love it!

  12. Your poetry reminds me of stuff my and my best friend used to write when we were wagging modern history lessons. Lost brilliance, obviously! Do you think maybe slack bloggers and slack commenters should get together? I think there’s got to be a synergy there.

    • 🙂 Thanks. I think the normal course of events is that slack bloggers are hardcore commenters while hardcore bloggers are slack commenters. It’s a symbiotic relationship. Now if we could get all the hardcore commenters together, I’d be up for that, it’d be like a party!

  13. I was a slacker for a minute but I need the outlet now.

  14. Now if you call that crap, i just wish more people would write crap. 😉

  15. Ajaytao2010 said:

    I Nominate you for a Super Bunch of Awards – 30 Nominations
    please choose any 3 awards out of the 30
    accept it and oblige

    there are no linkbacks for this award

  16. LOL! Interesting… even the collies are thinking about this, which can be dangerous.! 🙂

  17. That goddess sounds scary!

  18. We may not ask, But i think you just answered. Very cool notes. I believe that your notebook must be an intriguing place to visit.. c

  19. Oh, you’re a poet. Brilliant. Poetry is my first love. When I jot down notes before bed, it’s usually things like: “Listen to more Elvis” or “Rewatch episode of ‘The Newsroom’ for blog post.” It’s never lovely and poetic. Well done.

  20. Hi! I nominated you for the The Versatile Blogger Award. Please get the badge at and get more info. Have a great Sunday.

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