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Okay – the books about to happen. I’ve been asked to supply a picture for the back cover. That scares me because I’m a pretty private recluse who likes a hefty load of solitude. Plus, it has been a really good time having the male name of George Flores. Also, my father feels like bragging to his buddies about the daughter who writes and wants me to put in our family name, which is Basque, as my name. It’s making me feel like a hermit crab being dragged from it’s shell into another.

Should I put the picture on the back cover?

Should I give in to my father’s wishes?

Help me out here folks…



Comments on: "What to do? What to do? Help!" (34)

  1. Put a nice picture of your feet on there. People like feet. Well, some people do. I guess some people hate feet. Then tell people to Basque in the beauty of your feet! Lol. Long time no see. Probably not long enough for one of us though.

    • 🙂 You nut! No way am I putting a pic of my feet up, even though they are the prettiest around!

      Haha, I’ll bet the “one of us” is you! I’ll be stopping by for some beer and humor later, man!

  2. Wear something gender-neutral, and a hat, and stand in a rose garden with your back mostly turned?

  3. I don’t know why it’s become so popular to have the author’s photo on the back of the book. Authors used to be able to hide away and no one worried what they looked like.
    The name? That’s difficult. But, if there were no pressures, what would you like to use?

    • Me neither! It creeps me out actually and I find it distracting. I want the authors to remain fictional to me.

      I think I will go with the Basque name since it seems important to my father. I guess I don’t care what name I use… hmm

      Thanks for writing Clowie, I really appreciate you coming by!

  4. That’s a tough one, George. But hey, here’s an idea. Use a picture of your father (now or when he was younger) and use the name Basque as George’s middle name. Then you would make your father happy and also take care of the male name issue.

  5. Basque is a pretty great name but Flores is good too. I don’t think you could go wrong with either. Could you substitute artwork (like on the top of the blog) for the picture?

    • Basque is an ethnicity, but it is not the name. I’ll just have to see how it all goes. I don’t think that’ll work with the pic because it might be incorporated into the cover. Thanks for taking the time to answer, every opinion helps, Mark.

  6. You deserve your privacy in whatever amount suits you. You could do a silhouette picture that leaves it up to the viewer to guess if you are male or female. And you could always go with a mash up of your on-line name and real name – George Flores Basque, etc. If your book is good, folks won’t get hung up on your name or gender. good luck!

    • Thanks! I fully agree, but after discussing it with my family, I gave in and sent in a picture anyway. Also decided on going with my family name and my first name. Got some good reads from the cards too, so we’ll see how it turns out…

      I won’t know if it’s good or not until people read it; I’m too close for impartiality on it.

  7. Last time I checked, it was your godamn book. I say try out a combination of both: try to satisfy what you want, and what others want as long as YOU, the author, are satisfied.

  8. Why not a picture from the back, with your silhouette slightly in view, like an over-the-shoulder glance? Would be intriguing.

  9. But whatever you do, do what YOU want, not your dad. YOUR work is more important than a parent’s bragging rights. Besides, he’d probably want to sit in on the photo shoot!

  10. You’re a writer… readers want to know what you look like so they can relate to you on a more personal level, so yes, I think you should. Don’t let your shyness hold you back. 🙂

  11. I suggest, go for the mysterious side. Once your book becomes a bestseller, you do not have any choice but to claim your fame in person, 🙂

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