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Michelle Obama could’ve helped us out a great deal more when it came to fashion. As the first African-American First Lady, she had a chance to change the course of style and liberate us from the tyranny of insane designers. Here was the moment we were all looking forward to: COMFORT. Instead, she looks like any other legal clone in her tailored outfits when she should have opted for more ethnic choices for the greater good. Let’s be honest, white women can’t always pull off an ethnic look as easily as women from other backgrounds can.

Here’s a pretty dress that most women would need Spanx for. She has a great body: athletic, lean, and curvy. Yet, we would willingly hide great bods if comfort was offered. But NO!

In Spanx we trust.    

We are sick and tired of showing off our curves and would appreciate a role model who would change things enough that we could be as comfortable as we feel in our jammies. Who cares what men want? Haven’t they gotten enough of an eyeful already? Why didn’t Michelle Obama wear mumus as a nod to Barack’s Hawaiian history? Wouldn’t this be more comfortable? She had the perfect excuse right there.

Oh yeah! That’s the stuff!

Or she could have gone for Kenyan styles if she wasn’t too fond of the tropical look. They don’t seem as comfy, but they are not far behind. Such as:

Can we get that in a knit, please?

So please, Michelle, pull out those mumus before it’s too late to be any help!

Sidenote: We will need to be on the lookout for candidates with Indian roots because some of us have our eyes on those saris. Once we get those, the next step are knit saris, which will be just as good as jammies. With pants, too.


Comments on: "How Michelle Obama has Failed the American Woman – Fashionwise" (2)

  1. Now see George, I disagree with you here, for the most part I really like her style. She is more practical. She could have gone for a tailored suit here but instead she chose a simple dress. I think most women ‘hide’ their curves because they are imperfect, if I had a body like Michele Obama damn strait skippy I’d wear a dress like that!! LOL

    • I know, right? I’d be going starkers if I had her definition. If this wasn’t a joke post, the title would have been the opposite because she pretty much always looks great. The dress in the picture looks good too, but it appears to be non-stretchy raw silk with plenty of darts to contour to her body. Looks professional and feminine, but it doesn’t look comfortable.

      Therefore, the mumu movement must proceed, so we can eat tacos with sour cream, cheeseburgers, and pasta. I wouldn’t trust Ms. Romney to do it, she’ll just give us more of the same.

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