The Toltec Arts

Here’s a great new gadget to try. The Remee Lucid Dreaming Mask. To find out more, go to:



Do it before they figure out how to completely keep people from reaching altered states. They did it with entheogens, probably for reasonable reasons, but so what!


Comments on: "Not Against the Law, Yet…" (3)

  1. Oh god…I wish I had $100 to burn. I love this kind of stuff. I’m always looking for aides to alter my consciousness. Have you ever tried Solfeggio harmonic meditation? Look that shit up my man. It’s awesome.

    • Yep, I hear you on the money, but I still lusted after them too much, so I got the 80$ ones. I put up the picture of the prettier covers up instead.

      No, I haven’t tried it and I will. Thanks for the tip! I’ll leave a message on your pages when I look into it. Always nice to talk shop with like minded souls!!!

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