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This young Knight Anole lives in the trees behind my house. He has been chasing several clever females. They seem to have a great desire to get far away from him quickly. Much as I root for them, a larger part of me wishes him luck so we can have more of these beautiful lizards around. May you get laid, my friend!



Comments on: "Lookin’ Out My Back Door" (17)

  1. LOL that made me laugh George. It’s good to ‘see’ you again!

    • Thanks Jodi 🙂 Nice to see you too!

      • An alternative hyhtipesos for leg loss may be mating. In my captive colony I regularly find both males and females missing limb extremities. Off the top of my head, I think that this has been most common in A. cybotes, but limb loss is A. sagrei has also occurred.

      • Interesting! I have seen crickets eaitng each other in the cages, but not the eggs, yet. I’ll keep an eye out for that. Multiple A. distichus on a wooden dowel might redefine the moped top game. I’d love to see pictures.

    • In our A. distichus brdieeng colony we haven’t encountered females eating eggs, although I have come across unfertilized eggs eaten by the crickets we feed our anoles. Our cages are set up with one male and two females and I think we’ve seen every possible combination of that set piled up on the wooden dowels we keep in the cages as perches. I’ll check to see if we have images tomorrow.

  2. I wonder if female anoles have any sort of desire to mate. In some species only males feel the urge, especially with things like bed bugs. The males stab through the females exoskeleton to impregnate her. A female stuck around too many males will be stabbed to death. I hope for many baby lizards but I can’t blame the females for running!

    • Yow – What a weird method! I’m glad of anything that cuts down on their populace, though. I’ve seen regular size anoles mate and there is posturing involved, but not a lot of chasing like the Knight Anoles do.

      • I’ve just watched a seargi that was stuck in my office (it’s been rescued and released outside now) biting the glass to get at a couple of leaf hoppers crawling on the other side of the window. Poor bugger was getting frantic. You could manipulate level of hunger and see how that influences choice. As I am unlikely to ever have an ipad, good luck and I look forward to seeing the published paper!

      • I don’t know what a seargi is, but if it’s a lizard, I’m glad you helped him out. Well, I’m glad you let anything wild out!

      • I was in the first grade at Aliiolani School in Honolulu, HI, near the district of Kaimuki. The year was 1963. A girl in my class had brgohut a chameleon to school in a large glass jar. Inside, hidden amongst some hibiscus sprigs, was an adult male Anolis carolinensis. It was the most extraordinary thing I had ever seen, emerald green and white, with powder blue and yellow around the eyes a dinosaur in miniature. I’ve been hooked ever since

      • Cool, ours don’t have the blue or yellow around the eyes. I’ll have to look for Hawaiian images of green anoles.

    • I believe that hilaorictsly zoos have been big purchasers of anoles from Louisiana and Florida to use as food. I remember seeing a picture in the journal Science of some sort of lemur or other prosimian snacking on one. Horrible!

  3. to my grandparents’ frineds with whom we were staying was Where can I find anoles? . Unperturbed by my lack of manners, they happily took me out to catch anoles (releasing them all, of course) that very afternoon. I vividly recall seeing anoles basking on the sides of buildings in large numbers and, of course, catching my first male carolinensis. I was hooked. I would spend the majority of that trip passing up on trips to Busch Gardens and dinner outings in favor of scouring through the backyard for anoles.

    • I can’t blame you for wanting to see them. I rescued one (Jerry) from Petco and now he lives in the Bird of Paradise in my yard. Much better than a cage or getting fed to a snake or something. Someone told me that anoles can be used as earrings, believe it or not, because they will bite the earlobes if they are maneuvered to – that information came from a weird kid I know.

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