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All right. There aren’t many sports I enjoy watching. One I don’t like to miss, however is bull-riding. These guys are tough and a bit crazy to get on the back of those bulls, many of which are mean and will try to stomp the rider after they fall off. There is no other sport quite like it.

The bulls are treated well and are considered athletes also. They also have their fans.

Right now, I’m watching the PBR in Las Vegas on VS, the TV station. I wish I could afford to go out there for the show, but my cash situation is too pathetic for a whim like that. I’ll just let you know who my favorite riders are.

A) Valderon de Oliveira is my favorite Brazilian. Why do I like him? He seems like such a nice person. His smile is so genuine that it reminds me of a new sun shining for the first time on a darkened planet. Plus, he is one great rider. For a while he had the highest rank this year until fellow rider Silvano Alves topped him on points. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

B) Ben Jones is my favorite Australian. Why? This guy rides with broken ribs and will still do his crazy victory dance for us if he successfully rides his bull. What more can you ask for?

C) Ryan Dirteater is my favorite American. The Cherokee kid was out for a while with injuries, but he is back! The picture doesn’t give you a good idea of his personality, which is bright and cheerful. I can’t not root for him.


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  1. zigzapiens said:

    didn’t knew about the athlete status of the bull, that’s nice, but yeah they’re crazy! xD or courageous – like these guys on Terceira island – try this on youtube “tourada รก corda ilha terceira” and i would say you could watch the first one that appears, a brazilian tv report.

    in these “touradas ร  corda”, the bull is set loose (with a rope on) in a limited area, typically in the streets, the people prepare the houses and protect themselves and then some guys have the roll of grabbing the rope when its needed, but the brave ones will jump in and defy the bull heh!…some of them are really drunk and its a slaughter, the bull usually wins here xD…

    • Oh my gosh, that is so crazy. “The brave ones defy the bull…” I have to see that! Thanks for the info, I’ll be looking for the video ๐Ÿ™‚


      Found it and watched a couple. I kept on worrying about the bull, so I couldn’t enjoy the mayhem. With the PBR, I know that the bulls are well treated and sometimes pampered. I did get to see one of the bulls take a drink from a trough or fountain beside a wall, so that made me worry less about the bull.

  2. Have you ever rode a bull George? Would you? I wouldn’t, but the reasons should be obvious.

    • No. No. I don’t know, I have seen Jack Russels (can’t remember the proper rename) on top of horses, so Malamutes on top of bulls might happen. Happy Belated Gotcha Day! My girl’s is June 7.

  3. My sister has rode the mechanical bull at the local haunted bar, Bobby Mackie’s. That’s about as close as I’ve ever come to it.

    Man, I love that third picture.

  4. I haven’t even gotten that close! Considering my propensity for motion sickness, I’ll stay off of real and mechanical bulls, especially after a few beers.

    Yeah, those Rider Pics are cool. Sadly, Mr. Dirteater didn’t stay on enough bulls this weekend.

  5. I used to be into bull riding, then I became this crusader for animals. ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t watch it anymore, but one time Hubby and I had tickets to see it live when it came near us, I have to admit it was pretty exciting.

    • Well, let me know if you find out anything nefarious about the PBR. I purposely chose them to watch over the others because they don’t use cattle prods. I can’t see why they would, since the bulls they ride cost between $40K and $500K. I remember one rider throwing his helmet at the bull after an unsuccessful ride. He got fined and had to attend anger management classes, I think he was suspended for a short while too, but I can’t remember. I’ll do more reading on it to educate myself more, though. If they’re being mistreated, I won’t be able to cheer them on any more.

      Keep on being a crusader, Jodi! Better that than apathy.

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