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All right everyone, my book has finally come out on Amazon! After countless edits and headaches, it is available in electronic format. In another few weeks or so, the print edition will arrive for those who prefer to have a book in hand.

Please buy it and leave a review. If you can, be kind. If you can’t, I’m still thankful for any purchase.

Big kisses for everyone! I haven’t been on the site for a long time due to many reasons and I’m looking forward to reconnecting with all of you now that I’ve come back to life sort of 🙂 I’ll be stopping by blogs and leaving comments where I can.


“All art is erotic.” – Gustav Klimt


“All art is erotic.” – Gustav Klimt


“All art is erotic.” – Gustav Klimt


“All art is erotic.” – Gustav Klimt


“All art is erotic.” – Gustav Klimt


“All art is erotic.” – Gustav Klimt


“All art is erotic.” – Gustav Klimt


“All art is erotic.” – Gustav Klimt


“All art is erotic.” – Gustav Klimt


“All art is erotic.” – Gustav Klimt


“All art is erotic.” – Gustav Klimt


“All art is erotic.” – Gustav Klimt



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Use anything in your day. Especially if it’s cheap and easy.

I lost my favorite writing pen today. This situation led to some introspection after I finally located said pen.

Turns out, I either like or spend a scary amount of time blaming and suspecting others for my own shortcomings.

(Note, the above might not even be true completely, but it’s useful as an  exercise. I might have the problem in some measure since I thought about it 3 times today. No matter – it’s still good.)

The mystery began when I looked for it. I last remember seeing my pen on my desk, where my computer is, but it was in my journal all along.

The joy comes in when I remember all the times today that I called, in my head, whoever took my pen – an asshole. Joy is realizing that you have unknowingly called yourself an asshole all day. Joy!


Well – I am finally on Facebook. You can find me there at:

I don’t know what the heck I’m doing there, but I hope to connect with many of you there and figure it out eventually. On the almost plus side – you can see my mug there and know who leaves those weird messages on your blog posts 🙂

Crap I Write at Night

A certain camper has insinuated that I’m a slacker blogger. He’s so right. I don’t like blogging very much and prefer to spend time at other people’s blogs.  In the interest of seeing what I can get away with, the following are my night journal notes:


Let’s see what I can do since I can hardly see what the fuck I’m doing. It’s easy if you aren’t paying attention.

I pen this by the light of the moon. Literally. Wooh wooh.



The encasing of infinity

Cells fall

Replaced with impermanence 

Physical manifestation of infinity

Change itself



Frisson of knowing

The chilling blow

Hurricane comes

But what of the knowing?


Winds Blow

Me to you

Air at my back

Without my volition

Yet with my every intention


The Din

How can I hear the roar

Earth in speed

Void of sound

Echoing atmosphere

Weighted waves

Above this noisy world?


The triple-headed goddess has four nipples?


Don’t ask!


Five people
In an open room
Three conspirators
A secretary
Two lawyers
A witch laughs
Next to Death
Fanged heat
For the three
Do not know
He is here
Just for her
To tempt her
Red stem pours
Lust and magic
Flowing into fate
Now three are prey
Into the hall of terror
Into the cold and lassitude
Everyone is loved
By someone

Hey Mr/.Ms. Judgmental

Next time you feel like judging anyone’s past, look at your own past and present and then contemplate your own future. Your time would be better spent. Unless they’re harming others, grab a mirror and realize that we are all in this world together and Death will likely touch us all. Your judgments are no shield to him. You waste your time. 

Tip: If you need to get some info from someone, better be prepared to stoop to their level. The price? Decide.

Hunting giants led to gold-slayed monsters. 

Okay – the books about to happen. I’ve been asked to supply a picture for the back cover. That scares me because I’m a pretty private recluse who likes a hefty load of solitude. Plus, it has been a really good time having the male name of George Flores. Also, my father feels like bragging to his buddies about the daughter who writes and wants me to put in our family name, which is Basque, as my name. It’s making me feel like a hermit crab being dragged from it’s shell into another.

Should I put the picture on the back cover?

Should I give in to my father’s wishes?

Help me out here folks…


Tha Naked Mole Rat

There’s a video about a naked mole rat where the thing is squirming around trying to escape an unnatural world of rectangular Plexiglas and raw oatmeal and granola. All I could think about as I saw it was the movie Splice and how the tank creatures resembled it and what people have discovered about it from making its life purely crappy.

That and Adrien Brody movies have a certain oomph!

Here are a couple of pics. First is the mole-rat. Pic attributed to snagging it from Didn’t bother to look up “naked mole rats” because I figured I could avoid some porn by dropping the naked.




The second is of the tank creature in the movie “Splice”. Hmm…in this pic, they have suspicious shapes. Pic attributed to snagging it from




Moo and meow ; I’m not really back, but I got bored.





Time Off

I have to go away for a few days, possibly even a week. See you when I get back.

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